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Theatre and Culture

Indigenous theatre and folk arts are unique to each state in India. The land of diverse culture has developed many folk art forms which even the modern theatres and film industries constantly use in their performances. Every festival that is celebrated in India also has tradition of linking with certain culture, art and performances.

Tamil Nadu is the homeland of one of humanity's living classical civilizations, dates back to two millennium with its language 'Tamil', dance, poetry, art and theatre forms. Folk art medium was part and parcel of the Tamil people.

What is Theatre and Culture:

Contemporary theatre is very much vibrant in Madurai and other parts of Tamilnadu. Madurai has its tradition and culture in contemporary theatre forms like street theatres, dances and folk culture which were part of the common people. You will have the opportunity to learn and perform with professional groups and trainers.

Project Theatre and Culture.
Location Madurai, India
Duration Minimum 2 weeks - Maximum 8 weeks
Support Learn, perform, teach theatre skills.
Age 16 - 70
Visas Once you apply you will receive the visa information pack.
Prices Refer our price list
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What is included

Accommodation Shared rooms in guest houses or host families.
Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Refreshments
Support Local staff team with 24hrs emergency support
Airport Transfers Included for arrival and departures
Pre-Departure Kit Full project details will be sent after your registration
Orientation Two days introduction to Madurai and on Indian culture

What's Not Included

Flights, Insurance, personal expenses, personal tour travels and visa expenses.
Project Detail

India is a great adventurous destination to travel and to live. One has to adapt to different lifestyle and culture totally different from the west. India is colorful, rich in culture and at some time chaotic but the same becomes adventurous. The cultural heritages and architectures are 5000 years old and vibrate ancient wisdom and science. Modern developments like roads and infrastructures are shown as priorities for developments. Most of the cities have well developed modern airports connected with metros and transport system.

India is the second most populated country in the world. Cities have good infrastructure than compared to the rural areas. The economy is dependent on agriculture. The gap between the rich and poor is widening and the marginalized are the tribal and migrants who move to the cities for mundane job opportunities.

1. Learning Theatre
2. Training in Theatre skills

1. Your Role in learning Theatre :

Theatre in Tamil Nadu has its roots in the local folk art. You have the opportunity to learn theatre skills from a professional trainer. You have to be more proactive in learning the skills. If you have theatre experiences then your role becomes much more meaningful. You will be helped to create storyline, script and training in performances. After completion of successful training you will be helped to perform before the local audience, schools, colleges and public.

Typical Day:

If you are a learner, first you will be trained in local culture / customs / traditions and followed by theatre skills. Professional theatre groups and individuals will train you in theatre skills and performances. Sometimes the trainings will be intensive and exhausting but depending your ability you will be trained by the professionals. After completing the training you will be helped to perform before the local audience in schools, colleges and in villages. It is good to take an add on course to learn the local Tamil language which will be very helpful in learning the art.

2. Your Role in Training the Theatre skills:

If you are a theatre person with adequate skills, you can train local youth and children in schools and colleges. You will be given specific working hours to train the children and youth. You have to plan and schedule your training sessions along with the local expert who is your supervisor. Initially you will be helped in understanding the local culture and belief systems. The supervisor will fix your schedule with the institution for the training. You will design your action plan to train theatre skills within your project period. You will be supported by professionals to plan and execute the training modules & programmes.

Typical day:

You will be given specific hours with adequate time for rest and review your training with the target group. If you are working in a school you will train different sections during the day. The schedule and the training module will be discussed and agreed with the institution. During the training hours you have to be innovative in communication. language and communication will not be a major problem as students understand English conversation. You have to be very slow in speaking so that they will understand. Students will learn theatre skills and conversational English during your project in India. We strongly recommend you to take add on Tamil language course to be a successful trainer and performer.



The accommodation will be simple either in guest houses or in a host family accommodation. The host families are carefully selected to provide you the experience of living in an Indian family atmosphere.


Basically you will be given Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner. During your placement you may be served with tea and snacks by the respective institutions. The families will provide you with packed lunch for people who travel to other institutions.


Hand Wash is the norm in all our guest houses and host families.

Important Notes:

Participants coming for casual visit can obtain tourist visa. Interns have to obtain appropriate visa and we advise and request you to begin your application process one or two months before your start date.

Geographical Location:

Projects are located in the temple city of Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, South India. Madurai is one of the oldest and historical cities dates back to 3rd century BC. The world heritage monument, the Meenakshi Temple is the most prominent one frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. It has an international airport and access to modern facilities is located in the heart of the city.

People are welcoming and exceed in hospitality in the living in guest houses or families in Madurai. You will be treated as one additional member in the family

Project location:

Project location is Madurai. You can select one of the options below in your application.