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Care and Community

India is an amazing destiny for anyone with a passion to gain new experience and travel adventure. To know India's culture, community and natural biodiversity you need a lifetime go around it. Many opportunities exists to for gap-year students and for people who wish to gain meaningful travel experience. You share and learn by volunteering in one of our care projects in Madurai. In addition you will have the opportunity to see some of the ancient world heritages and architectures in the temple city of Madurai.

What is in Care and Community:

By helping in our residential child care centers you will make positive impacts in the lives of the parentless children. You will help in the day-to-day activities of the center in cleaning, cooking, teaching and playing with the children. Your personal interaction and involvement with the children will install confidence and personal growth. Other than caring you can also help in the gardening, agriculture, cleaning, repairs & upkeep, and renovations.

Weekends you should plan your travel, read our travel tips in South India.

Project Care and Community
Location Madurai, India
Duration Minimum 2 weeks - Maximum 8 weeks
Support Taking care of children and help in cleaning, farming and in kitchen garden.
Age 16 - 70
Visas Once you apply you will receive the visa information pack.
Prices Refer our price list
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What is included

Accommodation Shared rooms in guest houses or host families.
Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Refreshments
Support Local staff team with 24hrs emergency support
Airport Transfers Included for arrival and departures
Pre-Departure Kit Full project details will be sent after your registration
Orientation Two days introduction to Madurai and on Indian culture

What's Not Included

Flights, Insurance, personal expenses, personal tour travels and visa expenses.
Project Detail

India is a great adventurous destination to travel and to live. One has to adapt to different lifestyle and culture totally different from the west. India is colorful, rich in culture and at some time chaotic but the same becomes adventurous. The cultural heritages and architectures are 5000 years old and vibrate ancient wisdom and science. Modern developments like roads and infrastructures are shown as priorities for developments. Most of the cities have well developed modern airports connected with metros and transport system.

India is the second most populated country in the world. Cities have good infrastructure than compared to the rural areas. The economy is dependent on agriculture. The gap between the rich and poor is widening and the marginalized are the tribal and migrants who move to the cities for mundane job opportunities.

Residential Child Care Centers. Children and People Living with Disabilities. Children Day Care Centers.
Your Contribution Residential Care:

Your travel, career break and gap year will become meaningful and enriching by spending few days in our children’s residential care homes or in day care centres in Madurai. Your presence will make impacts in the lives of the parentless kids. You will help in day-to-day activities in the home, making sure children are fed, washed and dressed, and your personal attention will make positive impacts in their lives.

Your talents and interests will be noticed and appreciated in the care programme. Music, arts and crafts are the popular activities you may share during your stay. Many of our care programmes have open spaces where sports and games are part of institutional daily activities. You will also contribute towards behavioral changes and improvement in health and hygiene of the children.

Living with the children is also to observe the child individually to provide personal attention to improve their learning abilities, health, habits and personalities. Some of the residential care institutions have their own schools or send children to the nearby schools. You could also help in teaching lessons, arts and crafts or in sports. At times it can be challenging but the children will inspire you to be proactive. Your interaction and conversations will improve their knowledge in English and communication skills.

Typical Day:

In residential care your day will start at 6.00 am to help the children in washing, breakfast, packing lunch and send them to schools. There may be few non school going kids who may need personal attention in basic education and communication skills. You will also help the children during the lunch. In the evenings you will play outdoor games and sports and help in children during study hours.

Your Contribution in Children and People Living with Disabilities.

It is challenging and rewarding to help the children / people with disabilities such as physical or mental disabilities, visual challenge and hearing impairment, hospices, homes and schools for differently abled. Some are poorly equipped with infrastructure and understaffed. They need your supporting hands. Your travel, gap year and career break becomes meaningful by helping these most vulnerable people in the society to live a full and meaningful life.

Your participation in the programme will bring in joy and happiness both for the beneficiaries and you. Such encounters with these people have transformed many travelers and students with self confidence and greater understanding of themselves to be motivated to share with the disadvantaged.

Typical day -

You have the options to help either residential care or day care centers of the people living with disabilities. Your day starts as per your schedule agreed with the institutional supervisor to support the needs of the residents / children at various time intervals.

Your Contribution Children Day Care center:

It is joy and refreshing to be in Day care centers. The day care centers are run by NGOs in Madurai. You will work with different age groups. Some NGOs provide day care centers for kindergartens from 3 to 5 years of age. There are NGOs who provide day care facilities for street and working children who will be 6 to 14 years of age group.

In kindergartens you will help in cleaning, teaching, playing and improving the health and hygiene. You have greater opportunity to deliver with your creative skills in arts and crafts, sports and music. Stimulation activities and games are popular amongst the children especially in early childhood development. Your support towards shaping the self esteem of the children contributes for the nations development.

Typical day -

Most of the day care centers work from 9 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday. After school hours, you will help for one hour with the teachers planning for the next days activities.

Working with street and working children is again challenging and rewarding. Most of them attend the day care centers to meet and to share their joy and happiness. Some take up non formal education which is planned specifically for each child to increase the literacy levels. You will teach basic lessons, teach spoken English and do creative activities with these children. Some of the centers will be basic with a teacher to take care of them.

Typical day -

Center activities are planned based on the children’s available time after their working hours. Children will be divided in batches and visit the center for two three hours for sharing and learning.

Village Exposures and Outreaches:

Weekly village exposures will be part of the care and community programme. You will be taken to nearby villages to interact and to learn from their daily living. You may also participate in the village renovation and reconstruction programmes.



The residential care and community programme will expect you to live within the guest houses provided by them or in a host family accommodation. The host families are carefully selected to provide you the experience of living in an Indian family atmosphere.


Basically you will be given Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner. During your placement you may be served with tea and snacks by the respective institutions. The families will provide you with packed lunch for people who travel to other institutions.


Hand Wash is the norm in all our centers and families.

Important Notes:

Participants coming for casual visit can obtain tourist VISA. Interns have to obtain appropriate VISA and we request you to begin your application process one or two months before your start date.

Geographical Location:

Projects are located in the temple city of Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, South India. Madurai is one of the oldest and historical cities dates back to 3rd century BC. The world heritage monuments the Meenakshi Temple is the most prominent one frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. It has an international airport and access to modern facilities are located in the heart of the city.

People are welcoming and exceed in hospitality in the living in guest houses or families in Madurai. You will be treated as one additional member in the family.

Project Location:

Project location is Madurai.You can select one of the options below in your application.