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Building Project

India is world's seventh largest country in the world. In recent times India has taken a giant leap in developing its’ urban modern infrastructures like roads, IT, commercial and residential centers. With regard to the housing needs, a large number of migrant and rural populations require a roof to live under. You will find worthwhile experience in our building projects to help the NGOs or to build homes for the homeless and the needy people in villages.

In the Building Project:

A house means much more than just a roof and four walls to some people. You can be part of our building construction projects by way of construction of toilets, simple support wall or do renovation works in schools, health centers and villages.

Reducing the construction cost will help more needy people to have access to a home and other amenities. Using alternate technologies and methods is the option to reduce the cost. You can try simple alternate materials and construction techniques in the building project.

Other than your project you will have opportunity to visit some of the ancient monuments and temples to study its architectural marvels. If you are working with an NGO you can spend your time by taking care of the children in the child care centers.

Weekends you are welcome to plan your travel. Read our travel tips in South India.

Project Building
Location Madurai, India
Duration Minimum 2 weeks - Maximum 8 weeks
Support In construction of toilets, a support wall or renovation works in schools and villages
Age 16 - 70
Visas Once you apply you will receive the visa information pack.
Prices Refer our price list
Terms and Conditions Click here to view(Terms and Conditions)

What is included

Accommodation Shared rooms in guest houses or host families.
Food Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Refreshments
Support Local staff team with 24hrs emergency support
Airport Transfers Included for arrival and departures
Pre-Departure Kit Full project details will be sent after your registration
Orientation Two days introduction to Madurai and on Indian culture

What's Not Included

Flights, Insurance, personal expenses, personal tour travels and visa expenses.
Project Detail

India is a great adventurous destination to travel and to live. One has to adapt to different lifestyle and culture totally different from the west. India is colorful, rich in culture and at some time chaotic but the same becomes adventurous. The cultural heritages and architectures are 5000 years old and vibrate ancient wisdom and science. Modern developments like roads and infrastructures are shown as priorities for developments. Most of the cities have well developed modern airports connected with metros and transport system.

India is the second most populated country in the world. Cities have good infrastructure when compared to the rural areas. The economy is dependent on agriculture. The gap between the rich and poor is widening and the marginalized are the tribal and migrants who move to the cities for mundane job opportunities.

Your Contribution Building Project:

The building project is a combination of learning and contributing. You will be placed with a local builder who will assist you to learn the local technology and to contribute to the work. You can help in planning simple toilets, bathrooms, kitchen or living houses, cattle shed or water tanks. You may also involve in renovation of public school buildings and construct infrastructure facilities for the local community. The builder will train/ assist you with basic skills in building technology adapted in the community. Be ready to dirty your hands.

The construction methods have taken different dimensions in the recent years in India. The traditional house constructions like mud walls, thatched roofs are continued in villages. Overseas students have experimented different alternate technologies in our building projects. Discarded waste plastic bottles have been used instead of bricks.

Typical Day:

Our project supervisor will guide you with work schedules, plans and equipments. There will be a workshop to help you to start off with the project. Initially you will be observing the work done by the local artisans and guided to help them. Most of the work will be out door and working time would be between 10.00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. In India workers work even on Saturdays and you are welcome to assist on this day too.

Manual labour is the
Village Exposures and Outreaches:

Weekly village exposures will be part of the building projects. You will be taken to nearby villages to interact and to learn from their housing and daily living. You may also participate in the village renovation and reconstruction programmes.

Small building and renovation works are commonly planned and executed by local artisans. The skilled person is called the Mason and others are called as helpers. They have acquired skills from their parents or other masons from their young age and you will assist one such skilled mason. Only men are skilled in masonry works. Women workers in the construction work are always helpers.



The residential care and community programme will expect you to live within the guest houses provided by them or in a host family accommodation. The host families are carefully selected to provide you the experience of living in an Indian family atmosphere.


Basically you will be given Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner. During your placement you may be served with tea and snacks by the respective institutions. The families will provide you with packed lunch for people who travel to other institutions.


Hand Wash is the norm in all our centers and families.

Important Notes:

Participants coming for casual visit can obtain tourist visa. Interns have to obtain appropriate visa and we request you to begin your application process one or two months before your start date.

Geographical Location:

Projects are located in the temple city of Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, South India. Madurai is one of the oldest and historical cities dates back to 3rd century BC. The world heritage monument, the Meenakshi Temple is the most prominent one frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. It has an international airport and access to modern facilities is located in the heart of the city.

People are welcoming and exceed in hospitality in the living in guest houses or families in Madurai. You will be treated as one additional member in the family.

Project Location:

Project location is Madurai. The temple city of South India.