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As a traveler unplug from everyday routine and head to the beaches and backwaters of southern India. Explore the lush landscapes, intriguing religions, exotic bazaars and incredible contrasts of this region. Jump on and off local transport, go rural through backwaters, coconut groves and fishing villages, and discover the heart of the subcontinent. See ancient ruins and stunning temples, eat spicy curries and drink luscious lassis and fresh tropical fruit cocktails. Join the bustle of city streets and at the end of it all unwind on the beautiful beaches of Kerala and Goa.

South India is a region in the southern part of India. It includes the states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. It also houses the Union Territory Pondicherry(Puducherry) and Lakshadweep Island in the Arabian Sea.

Choosing a project and planning your weekend in tours in South India is a thrilling and meaningful experience. It is easy to get over a night travel by trains and buses to the places in South India

What should I know about staying safe in India? India is generally very safe. Many western women travel alone and encounter few problems. Occasionally you hear stories of an opportunist attempting a grope on a crowded bus, but that's rare. Follow the same precautions you would in any tourist destination, but be at ease and open to people. Indians tend to be extroverts and very inquisitive, so travelers of both genders should expect lots of friendly conversation.

How should I dress to avoid bringing unwanted attention to myself? Leave the short, tight get ups at home and you'll be fine. You'll see local women in everything from embroidered saris to T shirts and knee length skirts or shorts. The best advice is to be covered from neck to knee in public places.

What do women wear at the beach? ? Indian women splash around fully dressed in whatever they happen to be wearing. However, it's completely acceptable for western women (tourists) to wear swimsuits, even bikinis, especially at beaches that are popular with tourists..

What to do about money in India. Should I take traveler's cheques, cash, or credit cards—or should I use an ATM?ATMs are now common in all places including big villages most of the rural locations, however it is advisable take a stash of cash to get yourself started, and use your ATM card for the rest of the trip. Credit cards aren't accepted in most places; unless you plan to buy some high end items or stay at a plush hotel, chances are you won't have much occasion to rack up a bill. You will find money exchange outlets in all the cities and towns.

How do I go about with haggle? First and foremost, ACT CONFIDENT-even if you're not. If you look green, shopkeepers will hit you with exorbitant prices. Let the vendor quote you a number, and then come back with a counter offer between a quarter and a half of that. If you're nearing an agreement but the seller is asking a bit more than you want to pay, state your final offer and start walking away. More often than not, that'll clinch the deal.

What should I expect to find toilets/washrooms in India? While not up to the sparkling standards, most bathrooms you'll come across will be sufficiently maintained and have the western style toilets, toilet paper, and sinks you're used to. If you are living with host families majority of them use Indian toilets.